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Hyundai and Ford Need to Talk

Each refresh of the Hyundai Sonata brings it closer to being a clone of the Ford Fusion. Who knows. Maybe it already is. I mean, you don’t ever see them in the same room together…

2018 Hyundai Sonata

2017 Ford Fusion

In case you can’t tell, the Hyundai is at top and the Ford is on bottom.

So Ford and Hyundai should meet up, figure out who is going to make the car, then rebadge appropriately.

2017 Lexus GX 460: Still Ugly

C’mon! This is what a luxury SUV looks like?

2017 Lexus GX 460

The body was designed 15 years ago, and then Lexus decides to make their new Darth Vader grill work on that aging design. It’s expensive and ugly, and it’s in the same line-up as some really beautiful SUVs.

Lexus RX

Does the RX look like it’s at all related to the GX abomination?

Honda Ensures Continued Stigma of Mini Vans

So Honda helps debut the 2018 Odyssey like this:

Honda Minnie Van ... get it?

All dads who are trying desperately to keep hold of their masculinity areĀ grimacing now.

So Honda is tying some of its marketing to Disney, obviously. Their recently redesigned Odyssey is rolling out now, and you might evenĀ notice … if you look closely.

2018 Honda Odyssey

The redesign is so subtle that you might dismiss the look for the previous design. I expect that under the sheet metal, this is basically the same platform dating back to 2011.

Mini vans are relatively large vehicles nowadays. That makes for large pieces of sheet metal for the body panels. And like many automakers, Honda doesn’t know what to do with all that space. So they do what other lost designers do and design meaningless swoops that advertise “sorry, we didn’t know what to put here.”

Meaningless Swoops

Honda Didn’t Finish the Accord

Honda recently debuted the 2018 Accord … and it doesn’t look done. I mean, where is the rest of the front end?

2018 Honda Accord

Don’t get me wrong. Overall, the new Accord is fairly attractive. The headlights are pretty cool. The chrome bar with the Honda logo is placed well, but the big gaping hole under it makes the car look woefully incomplete.

But at least you can inspect the butts of the bugs the end up in your radiator.

I think the rear combination lights come off as non-standard and welcome. Props for being imaginative.

But seriously, put some grill in that hole, Honda.