iOS 7 Jailbreak [Updated]

Today, the Evad3rs Team released its official jailbreak for iOS 7 on all current devices including the iPhone 5S.

iOS 7 Jailbreak


The iOS jailbreak community is relatively small but very fervent. I am a supporter of jailbreaking for those who really understand it. So here are a couple of things to consider before you jailbreak your device:

  • There risks of bricking your phone when you jailbreak, but those risks are historically extremely low.
  • You can restore your phone in iTunes to remove a jailbreak. Not even an Apple Store Genius can tell if a phone was previously jailbroken.
  • The software you can download and install from unauthorized repositories might carry risks. Most software is malware-free and solid. Some are a mess. Others carry malicious payloads and might be able to access and send your personal data to hackers. So you have to be careful and use common sense. Otherwise, perusing the software libraries can be fun and safe for the most part.
  • At least right now, Cydia (the app store for the jailbreak community) is not official in the iOS 7 jailbreak. So expect bugs.
  • Consider waiting to jailbreak. The jailbreak just hit the street today (December 22). The software repositories are going to be overwhelmed with traffic for the next few days. If you can’t download software, the jailbreak is kinda useless. Also, you may benefit from letting others suffer the initial jailbreak bugs that will be patched in the coming days.
  • Ask yourself why you want to jailbreak. If you don’t have a compelling reason to do it, then I recommend not doing it. Many popular jailbreak functions were added to iOS 7, like quick access to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles.

As I said, I’m a jailbreak supporter. I have jailbroken my iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S. I currently have an iPhone 5S, and I will not be jailbreaking … at least for now.

Here is a link to my favorite source for reliable jailbreak info and instructions:


Dec 29, 2013: The initial release of the evasi0n 7 jailbreak did not include an updated Cydia app. This app includes important deep-level updates to iOS that allows users to reliably install software and apply tweaks available from the Cydia app store. As of this writing, the Cydia update has not been completed and released.

I still recommend waiting to jailbreak your iOS 7 device. The Cydia app store is the reason you jailbreak. If it isn’t ready for primetime, you’re putting your valuable mobile device at signifiant risk. However, if you really know what you’re doing and understand all these risks, you’re probably already jailbroken (or maybe you’re not…).

Dec 31, 2013: The Cydia software required for a stable and reliable experience has been released by Cydia’s creator, Jay Freeman (@saurik). Therefore, I change my “wait” to “go” if you’re considering jailbreaking your iOS device.

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