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Low-Carb Diet Tips

Considering Low-Carb

Low-carb, Paleo, or Keto. Call it what you want. Believe it or don’t. If you’re getting started in this diet, here are a some tips … in totally random order.

  1. It ain’t cheap. Eating this way will cost you more money. So adjust your budget accordingly. But keep perspective about the increased food costs. Going to the doctor for chronic health conditions related to carb-heavy eating will also cost you (a lot) money.
  2. Eating at restaurants will be challenging. Everything is wrapped in bread or tortillas. Friggin’ everything!¬†Avoid it by ordering a salad. Or a meat plate with a low-carb side. Or the chicken wings. Or even the sandwich without the bread. Yeah, you’ll get an odd look, but everyone will get over it.
  3. Brace yourself for eating more fat. Yep. After being indoctrinated about low-fat diets since forever, you’re going to doing a one-eighty degree turn. Don’t underestimate the impact of that, but stick to your guns. And remember if you go low-carb and maintain low-fat eating, you’re gonna starve.
  4. No, you can’t stuff yourself. You’ll see low-carb diet guidance that says you can eat until you’re full. They didn’t say “stuffed”! You can’t shove 20 pieces of bacon into yourself and become leaner or feel better. Remember, moderation is your friend.
  5. Don’t mix low-carb eating with common carb eating. That’s a recipe (no pun intended) for obesity and health problems.
  6. Don’t argue about low-carb eating. If someone starts to argue that your diet is “not smart” or “dangerous” and that some carbs are “healthy,” then stop. Stop before you lose a friend. The low-fat diet is beyond guidance, it’s a religion for most people. You are not going to change blind faith. Your comeuppance will be when they see you becoming leaner and feeling better.
  7. Get accustomed to new flavors. The low-carb sweet replacements won’t taste like the high-carb versions you enjoyed before. They’re different, not bad. Examples include Zevia sodas, fat-bombs, and almond flour muffins.
  8. You’re gonna be making more food at home. If you don’t love spending time in the kitchen, start with some simpler recipes. Look them up online.
  9. Leverage the web and social media. There are many social groups and recipe websites out there. Find a group with a dedication level similar to yours. Most low-carb dieters are kind and supportive, but some can belittle you if you don’t follow the diet as strictly as they do.
  10. Remember that obesity is a sign of malnourishment. That’s right. If the body is taking in fuels it can’t use efficiently (i.e., carbs), then the body will suffer. Since the widespread adoption of low-fat diets, obesity has skyrocketed.

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