Safari on the Mac: Show Status Bar for Better Security

By default, Apple’s Safari Web browser on the Mac does not show the Status Bar. While this makes the interface simpler and arguably more aesthetically pleasing, it also removes a key tool for browsing the Web more securely.

MacBook Laptop with Safari Open

How does the Status Bar offer better security? Well, when you hover over a link with the Status Bar is visible, you can see the URL for that link. This is helpful when you get an “urgent” email from your bank about a possible breach in their username and password database. You can hover your cursor over the “See if you are affected” link in the message and see where it will take you before you actually click it. So if it shows “”, you have some confidence that the link is ligitimate. If you see “”, you know there’s a real reason to be suspicious.

Show Status Bar

To show the Status Bar:

  1. Click View on the menu bar across the top of your screen.
  2. Click Show Status Bar.

Pretty easy, eh?

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