Apple TV Tips

Apple TV RemoteSteve Jobs once described the Apple TV as a hobby. Hobby or not, it’s fairly popular. But it isn’t covered as fully as iPhones and iPads. If you have one, here are a handful of tips that might make living with an Apple TV a little easier.

Rearrange the onscreen icons. Move the selection to the icon you’d like to move, then press and hold the center selection button until the icons start their infamous jiggling. Direct the icon to is new location and press that center selection button again.

Hide onscreen icons. Within Settings, go to General, then Parental Control. In the list of apps, toggle between Show and Hide.

Get Video Info and Audio Options. During video playback, press and hold the Up button. A bar will appear with information about the currently playing video will appear. While this info bar is on the screen, press and hold the center selection button. Audio options including Closed Captioning will appear.

Return to the Main Menu Quickly. If you’re several levels deep within an app or Settings and you just want to get back to the main menu (aka, Home screen), then press and hold the Menu button.

Use the Remote App. If you have an iOS mobile device, consider downloading Apple’s Remote app. You can control your Apple TV when your mobile device is attached to the same network. More importantly, you can use that devices keyboard to make it easier to type in a search query.

Put Your Apple TV to Sleep. On the main menu, press and hold the Play/Pause button.