Why I Can’t Like Android: Update Support

No Upgrade for You!Okay, I bought a refurb 2012 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet a couple of months ago. I wanted to have handwriting support for Microsoft OneNote, and it mostly fits the bill. I could gripe about palm rejection here, but I’ll hold my tongue.

Last Thursday, Microsoft announced their Office for Android preview program. I am a very happy Office 365 subsriber, and I was eager to sign up and give it a shot. So I log into the site and read the technical requirements. My tablet needs KitKat to run the preview. Well, guess what. Samsung stopped at Jelly Bean for my tablet, and it doesn’t look like my tablet will ever get KitKat (much less Lollipop).

In comparison, my ancient iPad 2 is running iOS 8 just fine. All I had to do was run the update. This “old” iPad shipped with iOS 4! I’ve updated this device many times.

Apple properly supports their devices and, more importantly, their customers! This is why I flat out cannot consider Android- or Windows-based phones, and this Galaxy Note will probably be my final non-Apple tablet. I absolutely do not want to be prevented from updating my devices. These things are not cheap, and having them outdated in a matter of months in unbearable.

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