Flash, Safari & Mavericks

OS X Mavericks


One of my favorite features of OS X Mavericks on my MacBook Air is its power saver. During the Mavericks keynote, Apple showed how animations ceased when they were obscured by other windows. Inarguably a great feature to save a laptop’s battery.

But I found another great feature related to this power saver: It prevents Adobe Flash advertisements from playing automatically. Hallelujah!

Suspended Flash Element


When Steve Jobs initiated his assault on Flash by flat-out ignoring it in iOS, I saw his point. Seeing how Apple has continued their drive to kill Flash, it kinda makes smile and chuckle. If a day comes when I don’t get prompted to update Flash, it won’t come too soon. Oh, and let’s not forget that Adobe “shared” my username and password with hackers.¬†Good on ya, Apple.

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