iOS Reminders: Don’t Forget to Stop Somewhere on the Way Home [UPDATED]

iOS Reminder


In iOS 7, Apple introduced expandable geo-fencing in the Reminders app. At first glance, this seems like a wow-feature with very little applicability … but maybe not.

There are many times that I forget to stop to pick up my laundered shirts while on my commute home from work. Me + iron + dress shirts = disaster. With a couple of tweaks to the reminder, I remember to take those fresh shirts home with me.

Here’s the steps I go through to save me from myself:

  1. Open the Reminders app.
  2. Tap an empty line to create a new reminder.
  3. Type out a short title for the reminder, like “Pick Up Shirts”.
  4. Tap the information icon (the “i” in a circle).

Reminders Configuration


5. Find Remind me at a location and tap the toggle. It will slide to the right and its background will turn green.

6. Tap Location.

7. Choose an existing address or enter a new address. Once you have entered an address, the Reminders app will keep it on this page for you to use again later.

8. Once the address is found, a map will appear with a geo-fence around the location. Since I want to be reminded before I’m just about to pass the cleaners, I will expand that geo-fence by dragging outward on the black dot on the circle.



9. Tap When I arrive… so it prompts me as I approach the cleaners.

10. Tap Details in the upper left.

11. Tap Done.

You’re all set!


Jan 1, 2014: There is a bug in iOS 7 that prevents location-based reminders from working if the Reminders app is closed. The obvious work around is to ensure that you leave Reminders running in the background. Oddly, reminders based on time will work fine if the Reminders app is closed.

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