iPhone 6 Plus Really Can Bend

Bent iPhone 6 Plus

Owners of Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus are starting to complain that their expensive new mobile devices are bending. Physically warping. This seems to be occurring when the owners carry their new iPhones in their pockets.

Well, it turns out the iPhone 6 Plus can bend. The chassis seems to have a weak point that allows the device to bend when sufficient force is applied. In a YouTube post by Unbox Therapy, Lewis Hilsenteger demonstrates on camera how Apple’s king-size phone bends in real time.

Frankly, I’m surprised Apple’s engineers didn’t consider this possibility. People carry their phone in their pockets. We’ve all seen it or done it.

My suggestion for this situation and for any expensive smartphone, really, is to invest in a sturdy case. I hate hiding the beautiful iPhone as much as anyone, but the results are irrefutable: Your phone will fare better in a case. I’ve had three iPhones to date, and each has been in an OtterBox Defender case. After 18 to 24 months living in those cases, the iPhones have emerged as pristine as they looked going in. And that helps if you wish to sell your used devices.

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